Celebrating Over 100 Years In God's Service!

H.C.Patton J. L.Crossley E. N. Glover W. M. Erby M. S. Riley R. F. Vanhook W. M. Martin J. L. Radford, Jr. A. C. Richardson D. G. Reed, Sr. L. L. Williams J. E. Lister

The Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church was founded in July of 1914 under the leadership of Henry Clay Patton*. The first church was named Patton Chapel in honor of the founder and first pastor. It was a brush harbor church with sawdust flooring. Pews were planks across stumps. It was located at what is now called Graham and Dairy Streets. There were sixteen members. In 1915,land was purchased, and the members built a small frame church located at 500 Oak Street. The church was then named The Rising Star Baptist Church. The church has seen success under many leaders. After purchasing the Hopewell School property in December 1984, under Pastor Jesse Radford, Jr.’s leadership, Rising Star moved from 500 Oak St. to the present location, 1002 E. Beech. The sanctuary was remodeled and a baptistery was added.The church has enjoyed spiritual, physical, and financial growth.Time has not abated the church’s force. The abuse and treason of enemies have not shaken the church’s stability, for the church is founded upon a rock—and that rock is Jesus!

*Due to census records and a letter received from a descendent of Henry Clay Patton, it is now believed that the church was founded by Henry Clay Patton’s son Rev. Henry Perry Columbus Patton.

Source: Commemorative History Book of the Rising Star Baptist Church. History as told by the late Sis. Lillie Bell Logan who was the first candidate for baptism.



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